Bits & Pieces on life of Asim Azhar

We at Social Diary got a chance to have a conversation with the very talented and young singer Asim Azhar. He had a lot to share with us regarding a lot of aspects on his life. Let’s see what he had to say…


Tell readers of Social Diary a little about yourself, how you stepped into singing?

So I stepped into singing when I was about 12 or 13 maybe. I belong to a musical family. Music was an option which was always in front of me. Music was convenient so I never valued it. As they say “one doesn’t value the stuff they get easily. But at the age of 13 when I got am ipod I started listening to more and more music, my interest became prominent. I started singing for fun, did some covers and time went so fast, people started to follow me that motivated me to start making music and from that moment I kept going on…

Share something interesting about yourself which no one really knows?

People who know me know but the world doesn’t is that I am really good sportsman. I love sports, cricket and football are my favorite. I’ve played for under 16 PIA’s team. It’s something I can get around instantly. I can play badminton, I can roller skate, I can play badminton, basketball and the list goes on. I am really quick at learning new sports. So yes I am a sucker for sports especially cricket.

What’s you favorite genre when it comes to singing?

I don’t want to be diplomatic and say “Oh I love all” though I enjoy each and every genre but I think anything with a melody that’s catchy. I believe in catchy music. I believe in singing something when other person hears they want to hear it again. So anything that is catchy to ears be it in pop or upbeat.

How was the experience of shooting Noor for Urdu1?

It was absolutely amazing and it’s something I will never forget. We shot in Lahore for about 14 days in cold December weather. I remember having my concerts every other day while we were shooting for Noor so I flew 5 times back to back from Khi to Lhr. I was used to do my concerts and then go back to shoots for 4 to 5 days. It was hectic yet memorable. I got a chance to work with legend Humaira Ahmed as it was her script. I was very lucky to be a part of it. Misbad Khaled G the director was such a sweetheart. Noor Khan was great. It can be defined as fun, different and organic and from the looks of it people enjoyed it so it was pretty cool.

Any genre of acting you would like to try because we see you trying your hands on that as well?

I would like to do a very serious and dramatic character. A character that’s really intense something that says a lot with the eyes and their expressions. Noor was a bit light humour, it was very me, young and carefree. Something serious would help me prove my skills in acting.

Do you remember what you did with your first pay cheque?

I have worked as a child artist. I have done jingles for TV ads, voiceovers and acted in ads as well. Fun Fact; I did famous cadbury (kitna maza aey ray) and cocomo (cocomo mujhay bhi do) jingles, those were my most famous ones as a kid. Coming to the question I acted for a TV ad of Pepsi with Wasim Akram which was shot in Malaysia. My parents got the cheque for it from which we brought a new split ac which is still in my house.

How would you describe your fashion sense?

I don’t know maybe someone else can describe it better. But if I had to I would say my fashion sense would be “moody”. You might see me out roaming in my PJ’s if I want to be comfortable. If I am just hanging out I wear same kind of shorts and t-shirts. But yes if there is something important I do dress up.

If you had an extra hour every day, how would you spend it?

Honestly, I would sleep. I would add that hour to my sleeping hours.

What words/advice would you pass to your childhood self?

I am pretty satisfied and happy with where I am. As a 20 years old I am where not a lot 20 year olds are. I wouldn’t change much but I would tell my younger version to be more straight forward and learn how to say No. I still struggle with it but back then it was very difficult for me to say no and I sacrificed a lot because of it. So yeah I would say to my younger self “to be more straightforward and know when to stand up for yourself and your right.”

Things you feel you should start doing as soon as possible?

I don’t think there is anything as such but there was one thing. I wanted to start eating healthy for a while which I started doing a month ago.

If you could master one skill you don’t have right now, what would it be?

I would master my cricket skills. I am good but but I want to be really really good so I can be a part of our Intl Cricket team, that was my ultimate dream and its always going to be.

Do you follow any diet regime?

Not exactly. But I have left rice, flour, fried stuff and sugar so I guess you could call it that. That really helps with your skin, how you feel and obviously with the state of your body. So I am eating all healthy, at first I thought I couldn’t live without it but now I used to it and its amazing so far.

If you had a chance to create your own TV show, what would it be about?

I think it would be a reality show. Like not exactly a reality show, we see where the host goes, blasts and exposes the restaurant owners about what they are doing wrong but there is a similar show by the name “Hotel Hell” and “Kitchen Nightmare” hosted by Gordon Ramsay he goes to restaurants , he tells them their problems, exposes them but that’s not it he stays there to fix the issues. And gives that place a whole new perspective and a new look. Here in Pakistan it’s only about exposing so I would like to have such version of a show here in Pakistan.

Is there any project you are currently working on?

I am working on my new music. I am usually always working on my music as it is my primary priority. I just shot a new music video in LA and also acting for a serial, working on the sets of it these days.

Any funny incident from some project of yours that still makes you laugh?

Picking up only one incident would be a little unfair because I like humour, I like to laugh and I like people who are like that and I like surrounding myself with people like that. But one incident I can recall that recently happened was when we were in the studio I was playing this new melody to someone and on my left my guitarist was sitting and he was leaning back on the chair and he kept leaning back so much that he fell so bad and I was at the best part of my melody so I didn’t know that should I stop and I didn’t stop and I completed it and we started laughing and no one helped him and he was looking at us. It was funnier at that moment it might not sound funny right now but yeah it was.

Do you get along with your fellow colleagues from the industry easily?

Yeah I guess as I have number of friends from the industry but I am not the kind of guy who is good at going up and saying Hi to someone without knowing the person but eventually when I get to know someone I get along pretty well.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

In 5 year I want to see myself 5 times higher than where I already am. I just keep going. I don’t have literal goals, I have few goals like I want to be the best at what I do and I want to do something that people remember for the rest of their lives. In 5 years I just want to keep excelling and see where life take me.

A few words for your fans out there….

I just want to thank them as always as they are the reason why I am doing this. As I started from social media and they are the ones who helped me to put myself out there and just want to tell them to believe in themselves because a lot of people get their dream killed because of what people would think so I just want them to do what they want. Because I did the same and I kept going regardless of what people thought so I want them to have the same mentality even if you don’t succeed at least they will be able to say that I tried my best.


Quick Bits:

  1. Your BFF? My Mother, I share everything with her & she knows everything
  2. Who was the last person you got a text from? My mobile network 😉
  3. Last book you read? I don’t like reading books
  4. Your all time celebrity crush? Syra Shahroz she has been my crush since her VJ days
  5. Your favorite TV series of all time? Sherlock
  6. Your biggest fear? Is or in fact are reptiles
  7. Biggest wish? To be successful enough to give everything to my parents, family, friends and people who love me and who I love
  8. You spend most of your money on? I don’t usually spend like crazy but when I do it’s on clothes only once in a while
  9. Favorite perfume? Dolce & Gabanna’s The One
  10. Morning person or a night owl? A night owl, morning person only when I am working
  11. Favorite pizza topping? Mushrooms & sweet corns.
  12. Acting or Singing? Singing
  13. Your favorite city in Pakistan? Karachi, now I can’t live anywhere else than Karachi
  14. Ideal breakfast menu? Sometimes Halwa Puri & sometimes full English Breakfast


Say one word for the following:

  1. Aiman Khan: Snapchat selfie queen
  2. Momina Mustehsan: Good friend
  3. Aisha Khan: Diva
  4. Mehwish Hayat: Performer
  5. Yasir Hussain: Genuine Human Being
  6. Noor Khan: Silent
  7. Neelam Muneer: Hot
  8. Aima Baig: Next star
  9. Maria Wasti: Just awesome
  10. Saboor Aly: Bro
  11. Hina Altaf: To the point