Sana Butt (Owner at Sana Butt Beauty Bar & Spa)


Well I feel that:

  1. No rules apply- till 2016, there was one key rule that everyone was following: either go heavy on the eyes or heavy on the lips, but 2017 will be different. We will see a lot of dramatic looks that will encompass dark purple and blue lip color matched with dramatic makeup eyes. On the contrary, we will also see very minimalist, clean, fresh, effortless faces with prominent lashes in 2017.
  2. Glitter! Glitter everywhere!- Glitter is going to take over every makeup look! Glitter on the eyes, cheeks, lips, and décolletage will be on everyone’s list for adding extra glam while being ethereal and extremely feminine in 2017.
  3. No contouring – Smudge of black liner in the top-lash-line, mascara-free, without any sign of contouring will be prevalent in 2017. The trend of mapping your face with dark powder and foundation by using ridiculous items such as fork, knife, or tape will be nowhere to be seen. Rather, makeup enthusiasts will prefer highlighting their face only!
  4. Natural brows and faux eyelashes Natural, thick, un-brushed brows with super-long and thick faux eyelashes will be an absolute favorite for a lot of women that will inspire them to go outside completely bare-faced.
  5. Deconstructed liner- The classic cat eye just got a makeover! The modern way to wear liner will be making graphic and deconstructed lines using different colored gel liners.
  6. Braids and buns- 2017 will be the year of effortless chic, which means we will see a lot of women with loose and easy to do, not too contrived, fresh-out-of-bed top knots and braids.
  7. Wet look waves- Wet look waves will rock the red carpet and weddings for sure in 2017.
  8. Airbrush makeup and tattoo makeup- These two makeup techniques are trending internationally but it will take time to hit the local beauty scenario. Considering the climate of Pakistan, both these trends may make it just in time before the sweltering heat wave in 2017.



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