Morning makeup routine to save your time!

We’ve all had those mornings when time is short, but you’d still like to look presentable throughout the day. Just a little dash of color to your face can be a serious confidence boost. But, we don’t all have oodles of time to spend on our makeup, especially on hectic mornings. Social Diary is proud to share a quick and easy beauty routine that will leave you looking fabulous in less than four minutes flat. These are some super easy makeup tips and we promise it will make your makeup routine so much faster.

Use a high quality foundation
Before applying the foundation, apply a moisturizer or a tinted one. This will even out your skin tone and disguise any blotches. Look for a formula with a dewy finish to leave you looking fresh and SPF for extra protection.
Foundation is the bread and butter of your makeup routine. It sets the tone for the rest of your makeup, which is why always find a high quality foundation that you can rely on. Cheaper, drugstore brand foundations tend to dry out, crack, and settle into the dry patches on the skin. Not cute. On the other hand, with a high quality foundation that is made with skin loving ingredients, you’re able to rest assured that your makeup will look good all day.
Cover dark under-eye circles
A quick application of concealer makes all the difference. If your foundation is the bread and butter of your makeup routine, then your concealer is the icing. Not only will concealer brighten your whole face, it makes your eyes pop in a way that mere foundation can’t. Having said that, though, concealer does tend to crease if you don’t pick the right one. Draw an upside-down triangle underneath eyes including the inner corners near the nose. Blend well with your ring finger — which is the weakest digit and therefore the least likely to cause wrinkles. Cover any blemishes or dark spots with the pen and blend by tapping lightly with your finger.

Add color with bronzer
For some, depending on your skin tone, you might go for a bronzer that is very neutral, or you might go with something that really gives you that skin kissed glow. Whatever your preference, any shade of bronzer can really help bring life to your face, especially if you prefer not to tan your face for fear of sun damage. To apply your bronzer, grab a brush and concentrate the bronzer around the outside edge of your face. In particular, your jawline, cheekbones, and hairline are the general areas you want to focus on.
In addition, a really easy makeup tip is to add bronzer to your eyelids. You can honestly just use the same brush and sweep the bronzer across your closed eyes. It doesn’t have to be neat or fancy, but just by adding that extra warmth to your eyelids, it will perk up your whole face.
Look for a “one-and-done” product for your eyes
Don’t start playing with eye shadow palettes and multiple brushes when you’re in a hurry. Instead, try an eye shadow stick that you can easily rub on and go! Start with a light tan or sand-colored shade for your lid. If it’s a brighter color, feel free to add a bit on your inner eye. Next, add a darker hue to the outer corner and use your finger to blend inward and up into the crease.
Use a highlighter
When people hear the word highlighter in relation to makeup, they tend to think of bold, dramatic highlighter that you might see on a Kardashian. That’s not what we are talking about here.
Instead, you can use a really basic highlighter to simply highlight the inner corner of your eye, and maybe down your nose, if you like that look. It might seem like such a basic thing to do, but adding that little highlight makes your eyes look so much brighter even when running on little sleep. In addition, you can add just a little highlighter straight down your nose, and onto the tip. If you don’t want to draw attention to your nose, then this step is not recommended, but, it’s a quick way to add some brightness to the face.
And, once again, simply just use your finger to apply the highlight, which makes the makeup routine even faster.

Finish off with mascara
Eyelash curlers are a big help but they also can feel like torture devices in tired hands. To give your lashes a lifting boost, find a curved mascara brush and roll the formula in an upward direction. Don’t forget to cover the tiny lashes on the outer corner!
Define your brows.
While the eyebrows are often a forgotten step, some quick definition will frame your eyes and make you look instantly more polished and alert. Brush upward in the center and slightly downward on the ends with a simple brow pomade to fill in the area and groom hair into place.
Take out your top knot
This just might be the most important time-saving tip of all! Make sure to blowout your hair the night before or sleep in a hairstyle that will hold well overnight. For an easy ‘do, throw your hair into a twisted top knot with a tie that won’t create creases. Then simply take it out in the morning, wake, shake and go!


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