Natural Wonders to Visit

The world is a fascinating place brimming with awe-inspiring natural wonders. From rock formations to eerie ecosystems that baffle people, Mother Nature has cooked up some pretty special sights. Whether you’re a photography buff or enjoy geeking-out on scientific terms, these destinations will have you believing in magic again.

Bioluminescent Waves in Vaadhoo Island, Maldives

What would be more magical than walking down a beach that is peppered with tiny neon stars as the waves crash the shore? It is nothing short than staring at the milky way. When microorganisms in the waters near Vaadhoo Island combine with oxygen, they create a chemical reaction that produces bioluminescent microorganisms. The resulting glowing waves are truly a mystical sight to behold. The best time to visit this magical island in the Maldives is July to February with the best photo ops occurring during a new moon.

Aurora at Northern And Southern Hemispheres

Aurora is known for its rippling colors of pale green and pink hues sailing across the northern and southern hemispheres. This phenomenon is known as Aurora Borealis in the Northern Hemisphere and Aurora Australis in the Southern Hemisphere. These magical color formations light up the nighttime sky and are caused by a collision between the sun’s electronically-charged particles entering the Earth’s atmosphere. The best spots to view this natural wonder include Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland and Norway. Aurora Australis is visible from Antartica and the southern Indian Ocean but are not as widely experienced. Winter is the best viewing time as the extended darkness enhances visibility.

Marble Caves in Chile Chico, Chile

This series of sculptured caves in the heart of Patagonia are best experienced at sunrise or sunset when the sun’s rays illuminate the smooth walls. These chambers were created over centuries as water from General Carrera Lake patiently carved into the rock curating its soft curves and bends. Traveling to the cave is its own adventure which begins with a 2.5- hour flight from Santiago followed by a 120-mile dirt-road drive and ending with a boat ride.

Spotted Lake in British Columbia, Canada

For centuries, this small Canadian lake rich in minerals has been known to possess healing powers, but that’s not its most notable quality. In the summer months, as the heat creates evaporation, it leaves behind circular concentrations of minerals on the lake’s surface. These rings in hues of green, yellow and blue will change in dimension and color as the evaporation intensifies, leaving a lake that looks like it’s straight out of a Picasso painting.


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