How to feel prettier in under FIVE MINUTES…

There are days you need a little boost, wouldn’t you agree? Maybe you’re having a day where you feel unattractive, which is something almost all of us girls have from time to time. You could also be just feeling down in general. It’s helpful to do something that makes you feel pretty when you’re feeling that way. When you feel pretty, it always lifts your spirits.
1. Put lotion on: One thing you can do to feel pretty in a hurry is to put some lotion on. It’s a small thing with a big payoff. Your skin feels nice and smells lovely all day long. Doing this right after a morning shower is a great way to start your day. It’s a special little thing you can do for yourself. This is something that always take time for, but we’ve found and we love this luxurious little treat! We recommend that go for Nivea Body Lotion, which is best for moisturizing.
2. Apply lipstick: This is a 30-second mood lifter. If your self esteem is low then applying your favorite lipstick can help to raise it a little bit and maybe even a lot! Adding a pop of color to your face by wearing lipstick makes you feel pretty. There are so many different shades that there’s bound to be one you love. If you’re more of a lip gloss girl then that’s fine, too. We recommend you the Sephora Lip Gloss in dull cherry pink shade which is neutral with any outfit.
3. Wear something new. It can help you to feel attractive. If you don’t have something new tucked back in your closet, that’s okay. Choose a favorite outfit! We are sure that you must always feel better when you like what you’re wearing. It’s a great confidence booster. Here we recommend you to go for Sapphire new ready-to-wear collection including “Autumn In Town” kurta. And this shade is perfect for breezy air!
4. Paint your nails: Painting your nails is something you can do to make you feel pretty in 5 minutes. We always feel more put together when our nails are done. It’s that little something extra. If you love the look of manicured hands then this is guaranteed to make you feel pretty. Whether you choose a barely there nude or a deep burgundy, painting your nails is a great way to make yourself feel beautiful. We recommend you Burberry beauty nail paint in dark bottle green, perfectly matched with this funky kurta.
5. How to feel prettier in under
FIVE MINUTES…. When you’re wearing your favorite perfume, you feel better. One way to make this extra special is to not wear the same perfume every day. Save your favorite for special occasions or when you just need something extra to make your day better. It’s nice to know that you’re wearing a lovely fragrance and smell wonderful to everyone around you. We recommend for anyone who has grown up with The Body Shop, you’ve probably become very accustomed to their typical scents… and here red musk is all time fav!
“When you’re wearing your favorite perfume, you feel better. One way to make this extra special is to not wear the same perfume every day.”