KALONJI The Super Food

This spice for life possesses medicinal properties and just a pinch first thing in the morning serves a lot many purposes

Kalonji is said to be chiefly beneficial for Diabetics, Heart complaints & Constriction of Veins, and Hypertension. For deriving maximum health benefits, Kalonji seeds can be taken every day. One cup of hot water with half a tea spoon of Kalonji seeds first thing in the morning will effectively regulate your blood sugar levels, boost heart health by controlling bad cholesterol levels, liquefy the fats and widen the arteries.

1) It also helps stimulate excretion of urine, quell colic pain, expel worms, stimulate menstrual period.

2) Boosts Memory

Kalonji seeds are related with alleviating your intellectual level. It also boosts your memorizing ability, and you can take this in any age.

3) A Cough and Cold Remedy

If you add a few drops to your coffee or tea it can help calm the nervous system, dry cough, asthma, and bronchial respiratory complaints.

4) Strengthens Teeth

Kalonji is an excellent natural remedy to treat your dental diseases. It also helps you stop toothaches.

5) Cure Constipation

Kalonji, when consumed with black tea, can help you cure your constipation problem easily and more efficiently.

6) Cure Cracked Heels

Soak your feet in warm water containing one teaspoon Kalonji oil and lemon juice. This will help cure your cracked heels faster.

7) Boost Immune System

The use of Black Seed significantly improves the T-cell ratio and enhances the natural killer cell activity. Thus Black Seed help in the treatment of cancer and AIDS.

8) Natural Pain Killer

Kalonji is a natural painkiller without any side-effects. It is best used for getting rid of headaches. You can apply Kalonji oil over your forehead and quickly purge off your aches. Its oil is also used to cure joint pain.

9) Skin Problems

Kalonji helps in maintaining a glowing and clear skin. It fights against acne, scars, blemishes, pimples, etc. Use it by adding its oil to your face pack or by mixing with lime juice.



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