Mohib Mirza

One of the most diverse actor in the industry, get your snacks and drinks ready for this amazing interview with none other than Mohib Mirza!

  1. Who is Mohib Mirza? Tell us about yourself (your background, education, lifestyle etc.)

Well, first of all he is a human being, a son, and an actor. The thing which is dominant in my life has always been my profession. As far as I can remember, since the age of 16 when I started theater, I have been in love with my profession, which is acting. Over the course of 17-18 years I have worked in over 95 telefilms, 8 feature films, hosted many shows, worked as a VJ, and worked in theater plays, drama serials, hosted live shows and concerts. My lifestyle is casual; I do try to follow some sort of a schedule and routine. But I do feel like people in this field and who are creative do not have a similar routine to those individuals who have a 9-5 routine.  As for hobbies, I am hardcore bike rider. I enjoy travelling on my bike, I have been to Muzaffarabad and Khunjerab Pass from Karachi with my friends. I am a gamer as well, I enjoy playing games. I also love hanging out with friends and family. So this is who I am.

  1. What made you enter the entertainment industry? Specifically in the acting career?

When I was in school I used to perform on stage for my school buddies. I used to take part in all sorts of events in schools. When I came to college I joined the dramatics society gradually. So I was always the first choice in such things. So eventually I realized that I should pursue this as my career. As luck would have it, I had to raise some funds for my fees in college, so we ended up making a theater group and started of from there. I am the only one who pursued acting as a career from that group of almost 20 people. Though my parents did have certain reservations with it initially, but after talking it out with them and making them understand everything they have been supportive up till now. I am GLAD that I entered a profession that I was passionate about.

  1. Acting requires a lot of hard work and stamina. What are the few challenges that you feel took their toll on you?

Yes it does require a lot of stamina, both physical and mental, along with a lot of patience. I think over the years the only thing that took a toll on me must have been strategy development. Actors are eventually, after a few years, prone to a little overthinking and psychological imbalance, but this is not what I’m saying I don’t mean I am psychologically incapable. Rather what I mean is that thinking and analyzing, strategizing for the future, projecting in foreseeing is part of the job. An actor it is not only responsible for playing his role. Rather he is also responsible for a number of other things such as image building, how to place himself at right time and right place. For actors, maturity stage is the most difficult to handle. Not only is it challenging, but there’s also a lack of practice in our industry regarding aging gracefully. Physically as well as mentally most of us are not prepared for certain roles

  1. Your fans miss you. You have been absent from the screens for a while now. Please fill them up regarding your recent endeavors.

My television fans will most probably will be missing me as I haven’t done any project on TV for 3 to 4 years now. As for my overall fan following they would know that I did appear in movies up till last year. So, for those of you who miss me on the TV must’ve watched by drama series Dedan by now. It has a very strong cast, and it is nice treat for everyone. It has different backgrounds, we had to work on our accents, the costumes are wonderful. So, all in all it is something very different and I really enjoyed this role, I had to physically transform myself for this character. My fans should be happy to see me back on screen.

  1. You’ve given some blockbuster dramas like Shehr-e-Zaat. What is new in store for Mohib Mirza? Any Particular project that you are currently working on?

I also have another series with Amin Iqbal which will be revealed soon. I also have a movie coming up within the next few months. I also worked on and hosted a web series with different celebrities. It is called Steering with The Stars. So, I have a number of things lined up.

  1. What should the audience expect from the upcoming project?

If I talk about my upcoming drama serials, both of them are really different from another. In one of the series I am playing the role of a Romeo in the modern day. My character is living in a very remote area and it depicts to what extent a man is willing to sacrifice for his love and stay ground on his decision. So that is interesting, as I said I had to completely change myself. The other role is very different, it revolves around the extent of guilt the protagonist feels. It is not the guilt my character feels with regards to his relationship with his wife or loved one. As for the web series it is all about intense off roading.

  1. How do you usually connect with the roles that you play?

There are different approaches, such as realism, commercialism and then there is a mix of both. My focus these days is on being a mix. There should be depiction of reality and I have done this a lot so that is why I’ve changed my approach these days. I think there needs for this change because audiences want to see something apart from their real world, so that they can relax and come back to the real life. I study my rules to connect with them. I understand them and collect a lot of data on them, so that I am better able at performing them. One needs to be really focused to stay connected to their roles and this is something I really enjoy. My aim is on creating a unique experience for the audiences.

  1. Did you ever think while growing up that you would end up becoming an actor or things just went with the flow for you?

I did not really think a lot about it, but I was always a performer, even when I was a child. I never really cared about having an audience, I would put a performance for myself all alone, for my mother and sister or for anyone around me. And this is something that I’ve come to realize really later on in life. Things went along the same line when I went to school and college I used to act, and then I went for my first auditions and from there, I did not look back. My first serial was with Khalid Ahmed Chermani called Faisala in 2000, and thin the same year I appeared in Zaib un Nisa by Sarah Kazmi. So slowly and eventually I went on to become an actor. I would say I always had it in me to act, but I would not say that it is something I desired to be since a child.

  1. How experimental are you with your work? Is there a tried and true formula that you find fits your style best?

I am very experimental. I try to transform and change my look each and every time. Even if it does not go in my favor at times, I do try to experiment a lot. I believe every character is unique and has to be given due recognition. There is no tried and true formula, rather it is an amalgamation of many things. Every day is a new day and has new challenges. We have a give and take with the audience. Trends change and so do their likes and dislikes. The level of engagement really plays a major role in attracting audiences.

  1. Are there any actor inspirations for you, both national and international? Who are they?

I am inspired by a lot of actors. There is a huge influx of international series and programs. For me, Anthony Hopkins and Dustin Hoffman are major inspirations. Among the youngsters, Usman who played in Parchi is an amazing actor. Nouman Ejaz and Shabbir Jan are phenomenal, if we go back further Firdous Jamal, they are all amazing. If we look at Indian actors Shahid Kapoor and Pankaj Kapoor are spectacular. So, through different times I am inspired by different actors.

  1. Share any funny and/or memorable incidents with the fans or on your recent sets?

I have had so many funny incidents all my life. It is just hard to pin point any one. This one time I was coming from a show with Nadeem Jaffri. After a very long pause he said let’s have panay chratay, what he actually meant was chanay parathay. So, at that time that was really hilarious.


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