5 Cost-effective, Last Minute Beauty Hacks You Need to Know About

Are you someone who uses expensive beauty products without opting for alternatives that get you the exact results? Perhaps you didn’t know about a few economical beauty hacks that will not only save you money but will also save you time.

Vaseline – a lip gloss replacement

Do you spend way too much on a lip gloss? Why waste cash when you have Vaseline lying around somewhere? Use a cotton swab or your forefinger to apply some Vaseline on your lips. Dab and spread it evenly. Having scented Vaseline at hand is even better! This hack saves you money and also gets you down to business without spending minutes trying to apply an actual lip gloss!


Lip liner is hip again

Don’t ever underestimate the power of a lip liner. This hack is timeliness. Sometimes, you need to go down a more traditional route to achieve the best results for yourself. Have a busy day ahead and don’t want look a mess too? Outline your lips with a lip liner to make them more prominent and neat. Apply a lipstick of your choice and use your lips to blend. Thank us later!


Don’t have a primer? Use an ice cube!

We saw a viral video online where makeup artist Ashley Blue DeFrancesco confidently used an ice cube as a primer. According to the artist, this hack “actually works.” Do give it a shot and see for yourself!




A beauty blender substitute – anything soft and smooth surfaced

Beauty blenders are a long-term investment and no one is willing to pay heaps of cash for them. So, what can you do? Make use of anything that has a soft, even surface. For instance, your fingers! You can also go for a soft sponge to blend your makeup evenly.


Fork equals hair brush

Don’t have a hair brush lying around? You always have a fork in the kitchen, don’t you? You can use it to comb your hair effortlessly. It is a smart beauty hack to keep your hair on point, especially if you have longer hair.