Celebrity Scoop DINO ALI

One of the first male Vjs of Pakistan, an amazing actor and host- Dino Ali chats with us about all things fun!

Your favorite pastime during the lock down phase?

Catching up on books and listening to a lot of music because I feel I missed out on a lot of good music. I think that were the most fun things that I could do during the lockdown.

The most precious relationship that you have experienced during tough times?

My mother and my sisters. No relationship is more precious than your family.

With whom you share your all kinds of secrets comfortably?

My sisters. My sisters know everything about me and I think that is the most beautiful bond that we have.

The worst part of your job is?

There is no worst part; there is nothing bad about what I do Alhumdulilah. But there is one thing that really gets to me is trolling. I am completely, completely against of online bullying and people who send horrible messages just because they want to be negative. Online bullying is a terrible thing.

Weirdest comment you have ever had?

NO weird comment but there’s something funny that people think that I look like Petyr Baelish aka Little Finger, who is a character from Game of Thrones!

The hardest punishment ever received?

Nothing recent but when I was younger my mom was strict on me because I was a trouble maker.

One celebrity you would like to accompany you to the space in a rocket?

I would say Anoushey Ashraf, my buddy and my bestie.

Good childhood memory in a phrase or sentence.

Alhumdulilah I had a beautiful childhood and I can’t thank my parents enough.

Your strangest talent?

People haven’t seen me cooking so I think they would find it strange that I cook good food.

Facetime or Skype?

Facetime is great.

One thing you always do on the sets, which you hate but still love to do?

Wait- I am very impatient. Waiting around for shots or to start the shoot. It is always the time when I say ‘OoooooooooHHHHHHHHHH!’ I just want the job to get done!

Your favourite movie, serial, season, song, actors, singer in 2019-20?

Movie: Parasite!

Pakistani Serial: Cheekh!

International: Peeky Blinders!

 Any song by Sajjad Ali!

Any song by Usher.

Actor: Faisal Quraishi.

Singer: Asim Azhar.

13)  If pissed off, how do you vent your anger?

I just go quiet. I don’t really vent my anger! I have just learnt to let go of things. It is very rare that I go angry.

One quality you’d like to change in yourself?

I am very sensitive. I wish I could go less sensitive. I can be affected by things very easily

The most romantic place around the world you have ever been to?

Paris-city of love!

Have you ever been cheated on?

No! I am lucky with that.

What three things would you carry with you on a date?

Flowers, chocolates and I would keep a mini cologne so I would smell well too!

If you get another chance to live your life. What will you do?

I would travel more. Your mind expands so it is very important to travel more, but you know I can do that even now!

Whatsapp, FB, Instagram or Twitter?

Whatsapp and Instagram! I don’t use Facebook much and I don’t use Twitter at all!

Your idea of party and what turns you on?

Just close friends and family at the beach or on boat. A good conversation and a good sense of humour turn me on.

What would be that one thing you’d change about yourself?

Being impatient and sensitive.

What is your deepest fear?

Letting myself down in some way.

If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be?

I was and still am such a huge fan of Michael Jackson. I would have loved to meet him.

The person who received a punch or a kick from you lately?

No! I am very nice 😉

Ever had a rumor spread about you and what was that about?

I went for a vacation for 2, 3 months and only told my boss at MTV and everybody thought that I had been kidnapped.

Do you prefer a love marriage, arranged marriage or being single?

I prefer having a love/arrange marriage. To fall in love and ideally our parents agree and that would be perfect.

Which male/female celebrity would you want to take away for a weekend?

Depends on what we have to do on the weekend! Haha! But generally I would probably hang out with my really good friends like Natasha Baig, Anoushey Ashraf, Naveed Sheikh, Faisal Qureshi etc.

If you could bring back one famous person from the history, who would it be and why?

I think now Abdul Sattar Edhi is needed a lot more now-after the pandemic. So I would bring a younger version of him and would help him in whichever capacity I could do.

If you get a gadget that make you get invisible, who will be the first person you would like to take a revenge from and teach him a lesson____

I am not kind of a person who would take a revenge.

Your one word description of Life__, Friendship___ and Love____ is?

Life is Constant. Friendship is constant and if you’re lucky to find true love then that is constant.


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