In Conversation with Nyla Raja “Be Your Own Biggest Advocate”

We are all in for supporting women who are steadfast and committed to making things happen. Nyla Raja is an inspiring role model who is not only a committed lawyer, passionately pursuing major cases that are making a difference in the betterment of society, but she is a leading face in the world of influencing and social media power, who holds poise and elegance as she juggles all that she loves including spending quality time with her friends and family. Social Diary spoke to this dynamic personality to know more on how does she manage it all:

SD: What is the most rewarding aspect of your work?
Nyla: I didn’t want to confine myself to a desk job. Law was a medium where I could make a larger impact on society at large. I am very happy that I have chosen a good career path and learnt valuable knowledge and skills whilst meeting amazing people who want to bring about real change. Also, there is professional growth in the legal field where I can continue to learn and grow.
SD: How did you decide on pursuing a career in law?
Nyla: I always dreamed of becoming a lawyer. I knew it was not very difficult for me to become one.Growing up I felt around me female lawyers were not viewed with a same degree of respect nor was their acceptability about women in law owing to the general environment of the kacheri and the workplaces.So I had to resort on completing Masters in business administration.From moving fast forward there were events in my life which got me distracted and my confidence suffered.I found refuge in law and started the external program.During my quest, I found it to be very interesting and found myself excelling in it.I managed to score 2 distinctions. And here I am,living out the impossible dream that at the time didn’t seem to fit into my life. But what I’ve learned outside of the classroom is even more important ,you have to be your own biggest advocate because on your journey – you will encounter countless people who will try to tell you that you won’t cut it and you will be there to prove them wrong.Today,l am the first female lawyer of my family with specialisation in Anti-harassment, Property and Contract laws,raising my voice so survivors can stand strong and fight for justice.

SD: Does it overwhelm you to manage your passions simultaneously?
Nyla: At times yes,but there are indefinite prospects of growth in both the legal field and social media influencing.I’d like to also iterate the fact that as disconnected as both seem they are surprisingly interconnected as well.My legal reach and my sphere of influence in my community is enhanced by my social media presence.Also i always believe that beauty is only skin deep, and that it is your heart,
compassion, and service to others that truly matter most.This encouraged me to use social media presence and my voice to promote equity and fairness.

SD: What has been the most inspiring case you have taken on as a lawyer?
Nyla: Marriage of minor, (Elopement case) where girl was 15 years old and ran away for the purpose of getting married.We were representing girl’s parents who were petitioner in this case.Consent of girl become invalid and boy involved in this act was charged for commission of Kidnapping or abduction.Court first ordered girl to stay in Dar ul aman and further on our request,allowed her to go with her parents.In this case I realised how our youngsters and parents need good counselling.And how important the role of Dar ul aman is,where a girl has to live when she has no support from her family and others.

SD: According to you, what current issues engulfing our state should be getting the limelight?
Nyla: As a lawyer I feel that access to cheap and speedy justice is the cornerstone of rule of law in the country,unfortunately in Pakistan straightforward civil cases take decades to settle.Moreover in civilised democracies the laws on civil torts and human rights are far more developed both by the parliament and by judicial jurisprudence then they are here in Pakistan.
SD: Do you have any regrets?
Nyla: I truly wish my younger self had the chance to study law early.As there were limited career options available when I was at school like Medical engineering and Computer sciences.And I chose Computer sciences and ended up doing MBA before and law later.One should always search about different courses and career options and not restrict to available options.
SD: How do you wish to make a difference to the well-being of our society through your skills as a lawyer?
Nyla: I owe my primary responsibility to my profession i feel first and foremost i intend to strive for a soft,positive and gender neutral image of the lawyers community at large.I feel that litigants are reluctant in approaching the lawyers owing to notoriety of the community at large.After-that for the society in general intend on serving the vulnerable segments of the society who don’t have access to justice.I also intend on using my social media reach to educate the people in general of their constitutionally guaranteed human,political and civil rights.
SD: Your views on how social media has been a game changer to how we see the world and get things done?
Nyla: For me social media really plays a very important role. It connects us to so many people, ideas and places in one click.But i think there should be a balance of things as what we see on social media is not real and just a creation of people.
SD:What is your criteria when choosing brands to collaborate with?
Nyla: Its authenticity and communication ethics.
SD:What has been the major setback you had to face as a social media star?
Nyla: I regard myself as being very fortunate as I have not yet suffered any notable professional setback due to my social media presence however on a personal level due to the taboos which exist in the society there are odd one off events which happened in family due to people making preconceived notions about me and my family, often confusing me as a fashion model and part of the entertainment industry.
SD: How is 2022 going so far and your major goals to attain this year?
Nyla: Allhumdulillah the year thus far has been great, Allah has been very kind; I have obtained my license to practise and things at a personal level are also going great.I feel that I still have long to go and want to strive in achieving further highs in my legal and influencing career.Specifically I aim to start a women only law firm.During the course of my practice i have learned that there is no brand providing legal attire to the legal fraternity I intend on starting one. On a personal level I would feel very accomplished if I managed to buy a car from my own money.Amidst the pandemic,one didn’t get to travel. I have plans to travel abroad with friends and family.


Favourite Childhood memory
My dad waking me up for school.
Most prized possession
My blog
Favourite model
Sona Rafique
Mood killer
Bad hygiene habits
3 things you always keep
Cell Phone , perfume and wallet
Life’s aim:
Fierce advocate and Good human being who leaves an impact-on every person she meets and every place she goes.
Morning person or late nights
Late nights
Western or desi wear
Deepest fear
losing someone very close
Inspiring personality
My father and my first Boss Madam Kashmala
Biggest Strength
My Education and being first lady lawyer in my whole family
Person you want to meet:
Shahrukh khan
Top 3 Things on Bucket list:
Travelling to Europe, collaboration with international brands, and doing something useful for the outlook of the courts.



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