Robot Vacuum vs. Traditional Vacuum Looking into the’pros & cons’

This is probably the biggest trend when it comes to upgrading your lifestyle to a smart home living! Robotic vacuums have a small motor that propels them around on wheels, turning brushes or rollers that kick up debris as suction pulls it into an internal dustbin no bigger than a quart of milk. Some have added features, such as WiFi connectivity, to allow you to operate them remotely. Newer robotic vacuums can map rooms by themselves and will send that information to the manufacturer’s servers as well as an app on your smartphone. You can then decide which mapped rooms the robovac should clean and when. Some will even allow you to have it clean only a section of a room. The question remains as to whether the current technology of robot vacuum cleaners can replace the traditional vacuum in a home? There is no doubt that there are good quality robot vacuums in the market that do an effective job of cleaning your floors. However they cannot reach areas like curtains or upholstery, therefore many people will find that in order to keep your home sparkling clean a traditional vacuum cleaner with hose attachment is still a must-have. Social Diary is going to give you a peek into the various pros and cons when it comes to choosing a smart, robotic vacuum over your traditional cleaning machine:

by Uzma Samee

Running on rechargeable batteries, robot vacs use a combination of cameras and sensors to scan and clean your home so you don’t have to. Most models can be controlled and scheduled with a smartphone app, which displays a map of your home and will also send you (amusing) error alerts if your bot’s in trouble. Some even empty themselves and come with a mop function or webcam, so you can watch it clean remotely, or chase your pets. With their lower profile, bots are better than standard vacs at reaching tricky spots such asunder the bed or sofa. Well, unless you’re into lifting heavy furniture and/or limbo. And their automated approach also makes them great for those who may struggle with using a traditional vacuum due to injury or disability.
Now for the bad news. If you’re counting on your robot to terminate 100% of dust and debris around your home, you might be disappointed. Robot vacs generally don’t clean as well as traditional vacuums such as stick and barrel models. Also Robot vacs might sound amazing, but sadly you can’t ‘set and forget’ them just yet. Despite all their sensors and smarts, they’re famous for getting into strife and sending an SOS to their human owners to rescue them. They frequently get stuck – under furniture, on door thresholds or thick rugs – or get snagged on things including stray clothes, shoelaces, phone chargers and pet toys, which usually stops them in their tracks and requires some tricky de-tangling. Also you have to realize that this kind of smart cleaning does not come easy on the pockets. In fact, not surprisingly, outsourcing your vacuuming doesn’t come cheap. All this automation and functionality may sound fab and futuristic, but you’ll be paying more for the privilege of hands-free housekeeping. In Pakistan, you have to understand that there are just a few limited brands and options you can work with. You need to do your ample research before deciding on the kind of robotic home cleaner you would want to add into your family structure. With its computer brain, sensors and app integration, a robot vacuum is a much more complex machine than your standard stick or barrel vac. Not only do they need more regular maintenance (cleaning out wheels and brushes, for example), but they can also be harder and more expensive to fix.



Robotic vacuums are better than ever, and bound to improve your home life. They keep your floors cleaner, cut down on dust and other allergens in ways that your manually operated vacuum never could, and give you much more free time. They change your life in the most positive of ways! However it isn’t a decision which comes easy. In fact there’s a lot you need to invest in when talking about getting your home a smart update. When it comes to the choices in robotic vacuums in Pakistan, know that your options are limited and a few. However you need to make smart decisions and analyze whether this kind of investment is needed or not? If you feel the benefits of having a robot vacuum are plenty, than go for it!


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