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Unleash the wanderer in you! If there’s one thing we realized with the pandemic onset, it’s how much we were taking exploration for granted. However, here’s looking into how our celebrities have been unleashing the wanderlust spirit despite the COVID-19 mayhem. Let’s take inspiration from their travel diary and learn about new places and cultures right from our homes. Presenting:

SD: Was Mexico always on your bucket list for exploration?
Mexico has been on my travel list since teen years.
SD: Which places did you visit and how long was your trip planned for?
I visited Tulum for 5 days. I wanted to focus on just one part of the country and fully take in its culture and scenery.
SD: The most memorable location from your trip?
The whole town!
SD: The best thing you had experienced while there?
The warm hospitality and how connected people were to each other. It felt like home.
SD: Were there any setbacks you had to face like language barriers?
Language barrier was a bit of an issue but most locals understood English and I also knew some basic Spanish to get by. I wouldn’t say there were any setbacks, everything happened how God planned.
SD: Your absolute three items to have in your carry-on?
Mask, hand sanitizer and my speaker!
SD: Any funny incident that took place while you were there?
Too many fun memories. My friend and I were extremely hungry in the middle of the night and our resort’s restaurants and room service was closed. My best friend and I just sat at the front desk grumpy and sad and the employee felt bad and brought us the employee’s leftover lunch. We gobbled it up!
SD: How often do you travel and how do you keep the air experience tolerable and interesting?
My schedule keeps me wrapped, but I travel whenever I get a chance. At least 1-2 times a year I like to getaway. Traveling makes me feel alive. When I know I am traveling I prepare myself by resting well before long flights.
SD: Your Top3 favorite food joints and dishes which you indulged in?
Our resort Papaya Playa Project had an amazing restaurant. Their Burrata cheese was my go-to! Another must for Tulum is Taqueria La eufemia, their authentic tacos and Mexican food was just life changing!
SD: According to you, the best time to travel to Mexico would be:
Anytime! The weather there is perfect year-round.
SD: According to you, how much should a person be prepared to spend to have a decent holiday stay in Mexico?
I can’t say much on that as everyone has different travel preferences. But Tulum is a place I think anyone can find things according to their budget.
SD: Sight-seeing, shopping or satisfying your appetite with new flavors- which is your top priority?
– Sight seeing
– Food
– Shopping

SD: Travelling in a pack or doing solo exploration- which one do you prefer and why?
I’ve done both. I love traveling with my best friend Ashi. Nothing beats our experiences together.
SD: What souvenirs did you bring back from your trip?
A dream catcher!
SD: Do you plan to go back?
SD: How different was the experience while travelling during the pandemic?
It definitely had its setbacks as in availability of certain activities. But everyone was taking precautions and we just have to learn to live with this new norm.
SD:Your top 3 suggestions for keeping travelling safe for yourself and passengers around?
– Wear masks
– Keep extra cash
– Keep a pepper spray (for women traveling alone)
SD: Do you feel travelling is a great way to bridge gaps and create mutual understanding of one another’s cultural stance?
Traveling makes you appreciate the goodness Allah has blessed us with. It makes us see beyond ourselves, our borders. You learn so much as a human just by traveling. It truly humbles you.



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