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Hussain : Actor & Writer

This week Social Diary’s Nudrat Mustafa talked to the renowned funny man of the Pakistani media industry- Yasir Hussain. A versatile actor and writer among other credentials, his joyful personality brims with talent and creativity in him.



Tell us about your date of birth, family and education.

My parents are not alive and all my siblings are married and settled. I am 30 and my date of birth is 29th November.

How did you actually join the industry?

I was doing theatre in Islamabad. Then I joined Aag TV as a VJ. Then I moved to Karachi where again I did theatre, after which I did a soap serial titled ‘Dareecha’ and two films. These days I am again working on a serial.

Share with us the good and the bad of theatre?

You get an accurate and immediate response. Theatre is love! The bad thing is, they don’t pay well.

What are your three main considerations before choosing a play?

The Director should be inspiring; Writer and script should be strong too and most importantly the cast should be powerful!

So far, your best experience has been working with whom?

I have cordial relations with everyone in the industry and I have enjoyed working with everyone. It was my first film with Saba, who is an excellent actor and a human being. My experience with Kubra and Sonia are also great.

Which of your roles is most memorable to you and for what reason?

In theatre, an act, Angan Terha, written by Anwar Maqsood Sahab , I did in which I was a cook at a house-that is the most memorable one. I also liked my characters in ‘Karachi Sai Lahore’ an ‘ Lahore Sai Aagay’!

Tell us about your role in Karachi Se Lahore. It is very different from all of your previous roles. Specifically what made you chose that role for yourself?

It was a real life character. When I was in School, I had a class fellow named Ishaq, who used to stammer. So it inspired and motivated me for this character.

What are some of the greatest fears you think actors face? Any suggestions to get rid of them?

Getting flopped, having a downfall, and not getting enough roles are some of the prevalent fears of an actor. The only solution is to have faith in Allah.

You are an actor and playwright. What do you enjoy more and why?

I enjoy acting more. I was an actor first, and then I started writing, so it is a time consuming and a bit more difficult task. Acting however, is something I really, really enjoy.

Share with us your upcoming projects.

I am writing a film. Additionally i am also doing a web series and planning a talk show with a big channel. Let’s see when things get finalized.

You have become extremely popular in a short span of time. How has it affected your life?

Well, I think I am not that popular! I was a very private kind of guy, did not have Facebook account (which I still do not have) but now, I have to stay connected to my fans through Instagram and Snapchat.

Would you like to comment on the reaction you received by people over a human error occurred by you during HUM Awards 2017?

It was a human error, anyone can make a mistake. I however, heartily apologized too.

A funny rumour you heard about yourself?

There are quite a few- one is that I am a real brother of Sonia Hussain and another is that Saba and I got married during our film together.

Describe a time when you failed at something and how you responded. 

I failed in my Bachelors and my response to it was thanking God that I failed, otherwise I would have had to do Masters! *wink*

What is something that you know now that you wish you knew when you were first starting out as an actor?

I think I knew everything. There is nothing new that I have come to know now.

What two things you would suggest to the people wishing to enter the drama industry?

They should be passionate about acting. Secondly, they should be consistent in working hard. There will always be success eventually for those who keep on working hard!



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