In Conversation with Ahmad Taha Ghani Exercising my Creativity

Defining passion to be his driving force as this amazing artist is winning accolades for his great work which consists of not just his exceptional acting prowess but also the melodious tunes he has shown as a musician, Ahmad Taha Ghani is a fine example to making it big and creating greatness in the process. Already getting rave reviews for his role in hit drama series ‘Parizaad’, he is also giving fans something to rejoice about with his new music releases. As he continues to reach great milestones, Social Diary spoke to this remarkable individual on how he manages to juggle so much together so perfectly. Read on:

SD: Share with us a little about your childhood and what was it like growing up in your household?
Ahmad: Growing up I was always surrounded by family and friends. I had a very progressive, nurturing and happening environment supported by my loving parents and siblings.
SD: When did you know you wanted to venture into the world of entertainment?
Ahmad: This has been a passion of mine as far back as I can remember!
SD: Were making a mark into dramas what you had always planned?
Ahmad: If I am being honest, it wasn’t really a calculated decision. I just always enjoyed acting and am thrilled that life gave me the opportunity to be part of our industry.

SD: How was your initial response to the ways the industry works?
Ahmad: The industry is supportive and operates like a family. I have been lucky to have worked with some of the most professional actors who are also great human beings.
SD: Do you think we need to venture into more creative and unconventional storylines to move out of a static workframe?
Ahmad: Absolutely! I think our industry is doing some incredible stories currently. Creatively speaking, we have the capacity of expanding even further.
SD: How do you decide on your projects?
Ahmad: As an actor, I understand that I have a commitment to my country and my society. Which is why I try to choose scripts which add constructively to society and those that have an important message.

SD: What has been the most memorable thing about working in Parizaad?
Ahmad: Parizaad overall has been such a blockbuster and being part of this serial is an incredible feeling. The set itself was always enjoyable as the entire team, including cast and production, was a lively group of people.
SD: Will doing more films be on the forefront anytime soon?
Ahmad: Depending upon the script, definitely!
SD: How do you plan to create a mark with your singing prowess?
Ahmad: I thoroughly enjoy creating music and exercising my creativity and expression through it. I will continue to develop music I love and hope that my fans enjoy it!
SD: What were the major setbacks you had to face and overcome to make yourself a strong player in showbiz?
Ahmad: I have been lucky to not have faced any incident that I would say is a setback. However, showbiz in its entirety is all about learning. If you cease to learn, you cease to grow.
SD: Words of advice to those who wish to pursue this field?
Ahmad: Despite all odds, persevere.


Your New Year Resolution for 2022?
Plant a tree every month
Your most prized possession?
My wife
Your favorite drama?
The one thing that is a mood killer?
People littering
Three things you have with you all the time?
Wallet, keys, phone
Your life’s motto?
Be kind
Morning Person or Late Nights Enthusiast
Late night
Desi Wear or Western

Deepest Fear
Skipping my workout
Biggest Regret
No regrets!
An Inspiring Role Model
My father
Biggest Strength
My mother
Someone you wish meet
A tie between Martin Scorsese and Al Pacino
Top 3 things on your bucket list
Deep sea diving, see a live volcano and perform in a crowd of one million
The best thing about your work
Creative expression
The worst thing about your work
Odd timings
Your favorite actor?
Sir Moin Akhtar
What people don’t know about you?
I am a gym enthusiast
The craziest rumor you heard about yourself?
I haven’t heard any rumors yet!
Your dream destination
A drama you wish you had been a part of:



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