In Conversation with Kiran Haq Do Small Things in Great Ways!

With her distinctive looks and a burning passion to make it in this competitive world of acting, Kiran Haq is definitely a force to watch out for. Choosing projects that depict her talent and prowess to make it big, this is one girl who is definitely here for representing her talent in its complete galore. Social Diary had an interesting conversation as we learned more about her personal life, what drives her to make a mark and what is 2022 going to be all about?

SD: Share a little about your childhood with our readers?
Kiran: The first thing that I can recall is how we used to indulge in fun outdoor activities. My cousins ,friends and even neighborhood kids would get together to indulge in some great family and fun time. I surely miss those days.

SD: How did you enter the world of entertainment?
Kiran: Luck I would say. I strongly believe that when there is a strong will, God will make your path easier and easier. It all comes down to your commitment and resilience to making things happen.
SD: Did you have to face any setbacks while making your mark in the initial stages?
Kiran: Everyone faces setbacks in every profession and field. That is quite common. But I also strongly believe that you get to learn from your mistakes. And that’s probably one of the reasons why I have been able to achieve what I have achieved today. It is through the mistakes or wrong decisions taken in the past, which allow you to see things clearer in the future. It just works that way.

SD: Was the industry everything you imagined it would be?
Kiran: Not really. While on the screen, it may seem it is full of glamor and has everything going for it but in reality there is a lot more going on. It is being on your toes and committing to continuous passion and hard work. That will be getting you the results you want.
SD: What has been the most special project for you to take on till now?
Kiran: Among all that I have taken on, I would say Sangat which was directed by Kashif Nisar is definitely the closest to my heart.
SD: Looking at both your passions- modeling or acting- which is closer to you and why?
Kiran: I would say I enjoy acting more. This is because of the versatility which I get to showcase. I really enjoy picking different characters and that is why I am choosy on my projects. This adds to my ability in presenting a range of characters and depicting the various layers of acting.
SD: What is the most important element you look into when you choose your acting projects?
Kiran: I give priority to the script and character. This is something which always helps me to decide on what I want to take on.

SD: What about films? Is it something you are willing to tap into soon?
Kiran: It isn’t something I have completely sidelined. If there is a good storyline and script, I will definitely do it.
SD: Do you feel there is tough competition to overcome when trying to make a mark?
Kiran: Yes of course as you all can see there is so much talent in our industry. I am impressed by the immense work ethics and how gifted the newcomers are. I would definitely say that they represent elements of being very passionate; they are hardworking and this is why there is definitely tough competition to go through.

SD: How do you plan to create a strong mark in 2022
Kiran: I’m coming back after almost a year break. This is because I was super busy with my family commitments. But from January onwards, I will start my new projects and hopefully will do 3 or 4 projects in 2022 inshallah.


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