In Conversation with NOAMAN Sami “Enough Room in the Industry for Everyone to Grow”

Committing to your craft is what it takes to make a mark and that is what we can see from the dedication of actor ‘Noaman Sami’. Having done exceptional work in a series of dramas, and having already ventured into the world of film-making, there is no stopping this dynamic ball of talent whose passion towards entertainment is paving the way for him to create great art.
Social Diary had an interesting chat with Noaman on how he entered the field, working on projects that matter and what does the future hold?

SD: Share a little something about your childhood and what was it like growing up in your home?
Noaman: We moved to different cities and countries- from Bahrain to Jeddah, Karachi for a while then back to Saudi Arabia, and to London on my own to study when I was 17. Due to this continuous movement, I have seen my huge share of school and college changes which lead to meeting new people and making new friends. My home has always been the place where I found peace because my parents had never placed any kind of restrictions, I was given full independence, I could do mostly everything I wanted at any time with minor ground rules.

SD: When did you know you wanted to go into the world of entertainment?
Noaman: We (my family) watched movies every weekend, I always liked watching movies and shows, later I realised that I want to create also, soon after that the passion to perform grew in me as well.

SD: Were there any setbacks you had to face?
Noaman: A lot, I will not get into details because there were so many.
SD: How did you prepare yourself for the drama industry?
Noaman: I did a screen acting course and a few workshops from Pinewood Studios London before moving to Pakistan.

SD: Was there a specific genre that you wished to pursue?
Noaman: Not really, I just wanted to read the script and perform, but now I want to explore a lot of genres.
SD: Do you feel there is a considerable amount of healthy competition in the field?
Noaman: I haven’t experienced any, I feel there is enough room in the industry for everyone to grow and be content with where they are, given that they are being provided with their choice of roles.

SD: How was your experience acting in your first drama serial?
Noaman: Horrible, it was completely different from what I learnt and thought acting would be, I learnt a lot though.
SD: You made quite a name for yourself and a strong fan following from ‘Mera Dil Mera Dushman’. Would you consider fandom comes at a price?
Noaman: I’ve received a lot of love and respect but the few things that came along are being judged, no privacy, people leaving insensitive messages/comments etc.

SD: Looking into films, and your role in ‘Talash’- how did that come about?
Noaman: I met Zeeshan Khan (zeekay) the director/producer of the film through a friend, he offered me a serial which didn’t work out, later he called me and narrated me the story of this film and my character; I really liked my character, he told me if you are willing to do it then we will have to take your screen test so there is a consensus amongst everyone in authority. Everyone liked it and the process started.

SD: What do you feel is lagging in the Pakistani film industry which needs to be looked into to bring out quality and better work?
Noaman: I believe we need to start taking risks and explore more ideas and genres, obviously it is possible with the cooperation of the audience and sponsors/financers.


The Thing You are Grateful for in the Pandemic?
The perfect excuse for the time I could spend alone.
Your most prized possession?
My family
Ever consider being a content creator?
I wish I was one, I will in future though
The one thing that is a mood killer?
Commitment issues, internet not working, anything that doesn’t go the way it is supposed to be.
Things you have with you all the time?
Phone & wallet
Your life’s motto?
I want to do everything I like, I don’t want to have any regrets in future.
Morning Person or Late Nights Enthusiast
Not a morning person
Desi Wear or Western
Trouser & T shirt
Deepest Fear
Losing loved ones
Biggest Regret
None as of now.
An Inspiring Role Model
There are so many, depending on the category.
Biggest Strength
My family
Someone you wish to meet
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
Top 3 things on your bucket list
Parachuting (not skydive),
Marriage (yeh ammi ne bucket mein daali hai)
The best thing about your work
I love performing
The worst thing about your work
Not getting the kind of roles I like

Your favorite actor?
Al Pacino, SRK, Leonardo DiCaprio
What people don’t know about you?
A lot of things and I want to keep it that way lol
Your dream destination
I like travelling but no dream destination.
A drama you wish you had been a part of:
There are a lot of them, eg Khaani, whenever I like something I just go “Yaar kash yeh main karta”



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