Nutty Facts About This Brain Food! Soaked Almonds and The Wonders They Hold

You must have heard it for quite some time how feeding your growing child soaked almonds is nothing but just many benefits for their growing brains. So, what is it about almonds that makes it a wonder food? Almonds are full of magnesium. This improves overall neural health, and keeps your nerves well connected — vital to keep your central nervous system healthy. Although they’re high in calories and fat, nuts contain beneficial mono- and polyunsaturated fats that offer benefits for your health. Read on to find out about the benefits of eating soaked almonds which you might have missed, or simply not realized:

By Shireen Abdullah

Almonds have vitamin B6, which is known to help in the metabolism of proteins, which may further help increase the availability of proteins for brain cell repair. Moreover, this vitamin promotes the production of neurotransmitter chemicals that further improve communication between brain cells. The importance of soaked almonds can never be overstated when discussing brain health. It is full of vitamin E, which is known to preserve memory longer by boosting alertness, and preventing cognitive decline. Add to that, almonds contain omega-3 and six fatty acids which boost intellectual capacity. Further, almonds are an important source of essential nutrients, such as tocopherol, folate, unsaturated fatty acids, and polyphenols which are known to delay — and in some cases, prevent — the decline in the brain due to aging. These, in fact, improve memory retention when someone eats soaked almonds daily. Almonds are full of magnesium. This improves overall neural health, and keeps your nerves well connected . Unless you are a dietician, the chances are that no one ever told you that soaked almonds can work as a mood stabilizer. This aspect has implications way beyond the obvious as it can keep you out of a psychiatrist’s office longer, if you are prone to sharp mood swings. Add to that, the polyunsaturated fats release serotonin, which improves sleep quality at night; consequently improving your physical and mental health. Eating soaked almonds prevent type 2 diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. Just adding almonds to your meals will help in reducing blood sugar levels after meals, and even in fasting blood sugar tests. Vitamin B17 and folic acid found in almonds help in fighting cancer, and reduce the chances of birth defects. The flavonoids in them prevent the growth of tumors in the body.

Soaked almonds aid your digestion by releasing lipase, an enzyme which is critical for proper digestion of fats in your food, especially if you like to often eat fried food like parathas, pakoras, and samosas. The vitamin B found in soaked almonds helps in breaking down gluten, aiding protein absorption, and neutralizing toxins in the colon. Further, you can reverse aging by eating soaked sweet almonds as the antioxidant phytochemicals in them fight free radicals to protect your body’s cells from damage. These antioxidants break the chain of your body cell’s chemical destruction, enhancing your life expectancy, and fighting inflammation. Also not only will your skin glow as the fiber in soaked almonds clears your bowels, but its elasticity will improve too thanks to the antioxidants, and Vitamin E in them. Further, soaked almonds lubricate the skin and the microcirculatory channels, offering support to all the seven vital tissues in the body. Convinced enough to enjoy some soaked almonds already?


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