Fairy Meadows- it can be considered as one of the most amazing scenic locations on the planet. Those who have visited this picturesque place have even called it heaven on earth. And why wouldn’t they? The place is absolutely spectacular in every regard and has so much to marvel into. It is located as a grassland near one of the base camp sites of the Nanga Parbat, located in Diamer District, and is in the heart of Gilgit Baltistan. For its breathtaking sights, it has definitely seen a splurge in visitors ever since the government of Pakistan declared Fairy Meadows a national park of Pakistan. Home to lush green highlands with a breathtaking view, the location has a very pleasant and calming ambience to it. It is one of the most in demand spots to be when looking at tourism in the northern mountain region. But there are not just the gorgeous sights you want to indulge in. It is also considered as the ultimate spot for adventurers and those who have a zest for camping in the wilderness. Did you know that the Fairy Meadows cottages are famous for camping? Many tourists visit Fairy Meadows at the start of April till the end of September. From Raikot Bridge, you would be taking a jeep ride to Fairy point and then hike to Fairy Meadows for a few miles. When it comes to hiking in Fairy meadow, it can be rather difficult in Winters due to snowfall but that in itself is such a major adventure you wouldn’t want to miss out on. From cricket, volleyball and football tournaments that are held in Fairy Meadows, it is the best place for nature lovers, photographers, hikers, and even wildlife researchers.Here’s an interesting fact, Fairy Meadows was named by German climbers and locally it is popular by the name ‘Joot’. At an altitude of about 3,300 metres (10,800 ft) above sea level, it serves as the launching point for trekkers summiting on the Rakhiot face of the Nanga Parbat. It is considered to be one of the most accessible hikes that will allow you to witness an 8,000 m high mountain without doing a multi-day trek. An out of this world experience, you know you are amongst clouds when you take on such an amazing and wholesome experience.
How to Get There:
The best time to hike Fairy Meadows is either April – May or September – October, preferably on weekdays, as these are considered to be the shoulder seasons and even though the weather might be a bit colder than during the midsummer months, you are more likely to have the place to yourself. Fairy Meadows is a very popular tourist attraction among the locals and it can get very very crowded so avoid peak times like the midsummer months or during public holidays.
Things You Should Be Taking With You:

Sturdy Shoes:
The trails are pretty simple and well-leveled with a few steep spots so a regular shoe with good grip should be fine. Depending on when you are traveling to Fairy Meadows, you might have to walk on a snow covered trail so prepare accordingly. You are fine with normal shoes in early October.
Weather-proof Jackets:
Better safe than sorry. Like most mountains in this region, it can rain/snow or be extremely windy at any time so it is always smart to be prepared for the worst weather.
Prepare Snacks:
Food at Fairy Meadows can be quite expensive so if you want to save money, buy some snacks beforehand. Snacks are also great for the trail especially if you plan to hike all the way to Nanga Parbat in one day because you will have to take lunch with you. Water can be refilled at various spots though.
A Daypack: You will need a daypack to carry all your gear with you when you are out and about.
Things To Explore:
Raikot Sarai
Raikot Sarai is a resort camp that is located at the top of Fairy Meadows. From the Raikot Sarai cottages, you can see the Raikot glacier. From Raikot Sarai you can hire a jeep to reach Tatoo village. After Tatoo village two to three hours of trekking you can reach Fairy Meadows. The distance of Raikot Sarai from Islamabad is 450 km. It is a perfect place to spend time in an amazing place and enjoy the scenic and picturesque view. Camping in Raikot Sarai is the most fun and memorable experience of your life.

Reflection Lake
The amazing attraction for tourists in Fairy Meadows is “Reflection Lake”. It shows the reflection of the “Nanga Parbat” mountain.Tourists love this place due to its irresistible view. A fairy meadow is a place where you get internet and mobile signals directly. Fairy Meadows road is a dangerous highway in the world. The Reflection Lake looks stunning.In winters snow-capped mountains around the Reflection Lake and its gorgeous reflection look astonishing. Reflection Lake is the best place for those who love and are interested in photography.
Beyal Camp
The Beyal camp is a small camping spot that is located a few kilometers from Fairy Meadows. There are many hotels, lodges, camps and wooden huts in Fairy meadows where you can stay at very affordable rates. Fairy Meadows cottages are also known as “Pari Mahal” or “Fairy Palace”. Camping at Beyal Camp is an adventurous and exciting experience. A small water stream, snow-covered mountains, lush green grassing carpet, and rich green trees are the main attraction of Beyal Camp.You can reach Beyal Camp from Fairy Meadows in 3-4 hour.Hiking to Beyal Camp from Fairy Meadows is not very difficult. During the hike, you can view the beautiful scenery, pleasant weather and take amazing photos. Camping is a must if you visit Beyal Camp in the majestic, mesmerizing and beautiful place. Many foreign tourists visit and enjoy camping at Beyal Camp.


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