TOP 7 Honeymoon Destinations!

T is the season to get wed! Wherever you may look, you will see major lighting and joyous beats to the drums as Pakistan is engulfed in a major festive season. But while we do have a great handle on how to celebrate the feels of being joyous and celebrating our time together, a wedding comes with something even more special- the honeymoon period. And while you may see your Instagram flooded with major posts depicting couples enjoying their very precious time in the very calming and serene Maldives or heading for the scenic spots of the busy and happening Turkey, as it turns out that there are still a lot of places which are just waiting to be explored and marveled at. Social Diary breaks down some of the best places you should definitely be shortlisting when making your honeymoon plans:

Bora Bora

Bora Bora resorts deliver celebrity-like luxury and offer a magical touch for an unforgettable honeymoon. These little gifts of love make you feel so special every day and deepen your affection. The exclusivity is what makes Bora Bora a distinct 2021 honeymoon destination. You’ll be fortunate enough to be alone on the beach, schedule personal meals, and hide away in luxurious overwater bungalows.

Saint Lucia

Couples are reminded of Tahiti or another exotic, far-flung destination when they arrive in Saint Lucia, an eastern Caribbean destination that’s secluded with just about the perfect number of upscale properties and adventurous activities. Its hulking volcanic Pitons provide a picturesque escape, while local luxury properties make Saint Lucia one of the steamiest honeymoon destinations in the region.


Hawaii and honeymoon are rather synonymous, but venture off the beaten path a little bit and head to Big Island, arguably the state’s least commercialized—and most authentic—island. Adventures include helicopter tours, nighttime snorkeling to see manta rays, and, of course, the geological marvels of Hawai’s Volcanoe National Park.

Punta Mita-Mexico

This 1,500-acre coastal peninsula in the Riveria Nayarit region is an oasis of wellness and indulgence. Located on the west coast of Mexico, there are surf villages, plenty of whale watching opportunities, and tons of biodiversity, all topped off with a wild and untamed feel—it’s barefoot luxury at its finest. It has unique spiritual activities like a chakra balancing ritual, meditation, and yoga on top of a rock, along with other honeymoon-worthy things like private sunset yacht tours and secluded dinners on a cliffside facing the setting sun.


A honeymoon to Florence gives you a bit of everything—food, unlimited culture, and easy access to the Tuscan countryside. It is a place which exudes romance and history.


Bermuda is nothing short of a honeymoon paradise. The relaxation that couples can find here for their first vacation together is probably what makes Bermuda one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.It is most famous for beaches decorated with pink sand, such as Horseshoe Bay and Elbow Beach. The island is distinctly known for its cultural blend of the American and British traditions as is most evident in its capital, Hamilton.

Santorini- Greece

Santorini has long been an iconic honeymoon destination—and for good reason. The inimitable sunsets, the infinity edge pools overlooking the impossibly blue Aegean Sea, the ancient volcanic landscapes, all coalesce to create a magical atmosphere. While Oia is touted as the most romantic town on the island, Imerovigli’s perch atop Santorini’s highest cliff means you’ll get the most magical—and unobstructed—sunset views.



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