Good Things to Those Who Wait In Conversation with FAHAD SHEIKH

You never know what greatness is destined to fall upon you. Fahad Sheikh, a name many are already familiar with as he continues to create waves with his passionate performances from Jalan to Dunk, didn’t even plan to become an actor. But yet here we are. As he continues to mesmerize the audience showcasing a plethora of emotions through various avatars, Social Diary was able to have an interesting tête-à-tête with the rising star as we learned on how talent will find its true calling no matter what!

SD: The entertainment industry can bring you fame and joy but it can be extremely scary and competitive too. What made you take the decision to make a move into this field?
Fahad: It was never a planned career choice. I believe my destiny picked me, started hosting 11 Number (A Fashion RoadShow) by chance and then finally ended up as an actor. But once I started acting, I decided to become good at it and learn the craft as much as possible. The love and support of the audience is what keeps me going.
SD: Share insights on your family-how many siblings are you and has anyone else ever shown interest in joining this field too?
Fahad: We are 3 brothers and 1 sister. They are actually far from the showbiz industry having no interest at all.
SD: You have done plenty of work before Jalan too but were able to make a major impact with this drama- did you feel the recognition was long overdue?
Fahad: There comes a time in every actor’s life when you get the right script and role. Jalan was the right role and script for me. And yes, it did change everything for me. The recognition I got after Jalan was something that boosted my overall morale and made me follow my passion even more. People were insanely in love with Ahmer and I felt this puts more responsibility on me as an actor.
SD: Dunk is now creating waves- how does it feel to be part of such a major project? What has been the most rewarding experience for you while working in this drama?
Dunk was a big learning experience for me. I loved working with senior actors like Nauman Ejaz and Shahood Alvi; I have been able to learn a lot from them. Standing out among such a big cast was also something I learned during Dunk’s shoot.
SD: Is there a specific genre you wish to explore as well?
Fahad: Yes, I wish to explore comedy in future.
SD: When you see the drama industry as a whole, what is the one major thing you feel is holding us back?
Fahad: We should experiment with different scripts. Normally directors and producers hesitate to experiment because they are afraid of getting a low rating. So, we always end up having the same old’ Saas-Bahu feud stories.
SD: Besides acting, would you ever consider contributing your skills as a producer or director?
Fahad: Yes definitely, I would love to produce and direct in the future. I love direction.

SD: What can you tell us about your upcoming serial ‘Azmaish’ – is the story something new and different than what we usually see?
Fahad: The script is not very unique but the way it’s shot is absolutely new. The storytelling for the same is also something we haven’t witnessed before in Pakistani dramas. And I believe when new actors come in, they add their own flavor and definite flair to it.
SD: How do you think we can get rid of monotonous routine of same old cliché stories and bring out refreshing, new stories and characters that will put us on the global map?
Fahad: Taking risks, experimenting with new stories and scripts without caring about the rating, I think this will definitely lead us towards a better and bigger industry.
SD: Will we be expecting to see you in movies too anytime soon? How fulfilling and different is it to act in films as opposed to drama serials?
Fahad: Yes. My debut film ‘YOU..ME..US’ will be out soon. The film is directed by the veteran director Sohail Javed. It’s a very heartfelt story about a young couple who does everything in a rush. However, life cannot be rushed and you have to wait to make a few decisions.


The Thing You are Grateful for in the Lockdown?
Got to spend time with my family.
How many years have you been working in the drama industry?
5 and a half years.
The one thing that is a mood killer for you?
Working with a co-star who’s only focus is fame rather than being good at acting.
Three things you have with you all the time?
Mobile, my Bag and an internet device.
Your favorite drama
Mera Saayien
Morning Person or Late Nights Enthusiast
Both, morning person these days.
Desi Wear or Western
Both, but desi wear these days.
Deepest Fear
Any mishap / incident that may hurt my acting career.
Biggest Regret
Hum TV offered me a very good drama back in the days, I should have accepted the offer.
Most Prized Possession
Chopard watch
Biggest Strength
My Allah; Praying.
Someone you wish to meet
There are many people in the list but these days I feel like meeting the ROCK.
Your Top 3 things on your bucket list
I want to explore the Northern areas of Pakistan
Completing my JEEP customization projects
Doing a drama like Mera Saayein
The best thing about your work
Recognition and love from the audience.
The worst thing about your work
Working in hot weather, without AC
If you weren’t an actor, you would have been a..
Favorite Person in Industry?
Fahad Mustafa
What people don’t know about you?
People think I’m rude, but in fact I’m not. I’m a very lovey dovey, easy going person.
The craziest rumor you heard about yourself
That I’m gay
Your dream destination
I want to end up living in London, my retirement plan.



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