In Conversation with Fatima Hasan Ramp-Up Confidence on the Catwalk!

With such sheer confidence, Fatima Hasan knows how to own whatever ramp she walks on! When it comes to modeling, it takes more than just a pretty face to make an impression and this is one alluring diva who has been successfully gracing shows and making a strong impression through every project she takes on!
Social Diary had a word with this amazing ball of talent who is creating waves and doing so on her own terms!

SD: Share with us a little about your childhood and growing up?
Fatima: I was raised by a single parent, my dad. I had spent the early years of my childhood in Doha and then moved to Karachi. Growing up I wasn’t into fashion at all. However I loved to read; so much so that I would read for hours on end. I would also write, which is something I want to start doing again.
SD: Did you always feel the world of glamor is going to be your true calling?
Fatima: Not at all! I was actually working in a completely different field – the development sector for about 6 years before I got into modelling and that’s something I’m still very passionate about.
SD: What was the first project you took upon?
Fatima: I modelled for MAHGUL.
SD: Were you nervous and was it what you hoped it would be?
Fatima: I wasn’t nervous, I just didn’t want to let the brand down. Recently I found out that it was one of their best selling collections till date.

SD: What remains the most memorable project for you yet and why?
Fatima: Definitely my Sana Safinaz shoot in Turkey! It was freezing cold and we were wearing lawn, I thought I might not survive but I did. And that made me feel like I could accomplish anything.
SD: How do you compare the modeling industry of Pakistan to international platforms?

Fatima: I haven’t modeled internationally yet so I’m not in the best place to compare but from what I can gather, I think international platforms are far more professional.
SD: How have you been copying in the pandemic – how has it affected you on a personal and professional stance?
Fatima: I think if anything it helped me grow professionally – I started focusing on my Instagram content creation and became quite good at it. I also enjoyed getting to spend unadulterated time with my husband.
SD: Will you consider getting into dramas and movies anytime soon?

Fatima: Yes why not, if the right opportunity comes my way
SD: Are there any hobbies or side interests you pursue as well?
Fatima: I enjoy fitness and working out, also digital content creation. I love to read and write and maybe sing sometimes.
SD: How do you keep a competitive edge in the work you do?
Fatima: I just try to stay true to myself.

SD: What is the one thing you wish to change about the modeling industry and why?
Fatima: I hope our modeling industry can become more professional and better organized. The talent we have is off the charts and I think fixing a few kinks will take us a long long way.
SD: Are you content with the ways things are moving or do you wish to pursue something more or different in 2022?
Fatima: I don’t think the two are mutually exclusive, you can be content while wanting to pursue more. I’m very content and am open to receiving whatever goodness the universe brings my way.



Your most prized possession?
Just grateful for good health
Your favorite fashion brand?
I don’t really have a favorite brand. I’m also not big on brands – only style!
The one thing that is a mood killer?

Three things you have with you all the time?
My phone, lip balm and water
Your life’s motto?
To spread love & compassion as much as possible
Morning Person or Late Nights Enthusiast?
Morning person!
Desi Wear or Western:
Depends on the occasion but I love casual wear the most! And I’m mostly in jeans or Pjs

Deepest Fear?
Losing someone I love
Biggest Regret?
None, only gratitude for all my learning experiences
An Inspiring Role Model?
Melinda Gates, Angelina Jolie, Gisele Bundchen, Kim Kardashian
Biggest Strength?
My ability to connect with people
Top 3 things on your bucket list?
Travel the world, write a book, build an orphanage
The best thing about your work?
Getting to meet some incredible people
The worst thing about your work?
Having to work with some mood killers
Your favorite model?
Gisele Bundchen





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