IN CONVERSATION WITH Shamyl Khan The Thrill of Bringing a Plethora of Characters to Life

you can very well know the passion that lies within an actor by the kind of commitment they give to every single project they take on. With every role they embrace, they bring these characters to life, allowing the audience to connect and resonate with them. Such is the dynamic personality of ‘Shamyl Khan’- a major player of the entertainment industry who has shone bright and presented the best of his acting chops in a plethora of films and serials. Now he is all set to star in the vibrant and highly exhilarating film ‘Aar Paar’ alongside Moammar Rana and Erum Akhtar which will be presenting him in a whole new persona.
Speaking to Social Diary, the talented artist spoke more on his latest project, what acting means to him, his personal take on things and more. Read On:

SD: As an actor, what remains your most memorable project till date?
Shamyl: As a performer whichever project I take up remains memorable in my library. It is all about the effort, your heart and soul that you commit to a project.

SD: What is the criteria with which you choose your films ?
Shamyl: Firstly director with whom I’m comfortable with and of course the script. Both of these things matter the most and everything else just falls into place.
SD: How did you decide to become a part of Aar Paar?
Shamyl: Definitely my producer Dr.Mashood Qadri, Saleem Daad- the director and of course the amazing script.
SD: How was it like working alongside Moammar Rana?
Shamyl: Moammer Rana has always been an amazing colleague and brother to me. It’s always a pleasure to share screen with him.

SD:.Any memorable incident that happened while filming?
Shamyl: Well I have to say the most memorable thing about the Aar Paar film is that we shot the movie in one spell, which in itself was a great achievement for all of us.
SD: Do you think our entertainment industry is finally picking up or is there still plenty to get done?

Shamyl: Definitely there is always room for improvement as our industry is still growing. We need good content and a lot of films with small budgets to make a mark internationally. But there has been major progress and the kind of box office results our movies are now getting is a major sign of progress and excellence.
SD: Dramas or films- which is more satisfying and allows you to showcase your talent better?
Shamyl: I started my career from films and it’s a big canvas so no doubt movies are much more satisfying for showcasing my talent better.
SD: Is there a specific genre and director you wish to work with?
Shamyl: I have been in the industry for quite sometime now and almost worked with all the prominent directors. Every experience has been amazing and has allowed me to bring out colors and characters our audience has been able to resonate with so well.

SD:.Do you think our storytelling is progressing to meet international standards?
Shamyl: Aar Paar would be a game changer of our cinema storytelling (inshallah)



Best moment of 2022 till date?
I try to get best moments from every moment
Your most prized possession?
My family

Your favorite actor?
Pedro Alonso aka Berlin
The one thing that is a mood killer?
If I hear a lie
Three things you have with you all the time?
Phone, cigarettes and glasses
Your life’s motto?
Stay simple and humble
Your favorite director?
Long list

Deepest Fear
No fears
Biggest Regret
No regrets
A project you wish you had been a part of?
Allah always gives me whatever wish I have in my heart
Biggest Strength
My family (wife)
Someone you wish meet
Anyone who’s interesting,charming and appealing
Top 3 things on your bucket list?
Do more projects like Aar Paar
do more things for humanity and world tour with family



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