IN CONVERSATION WITH Shazray Rana ‘Don’t Become Just Another Video on the Gram’

Stylish, happening and unapologetic as she paves the way for self-expression in the digital world, Shazray Rana is a rising star whose confidence and the ability to shine allows for many to embrace their individuality. Speaking to Social Diary, this starlet shares more on her personal life, how she aims to take on the world of glam as she asks for our fashion industry to take on risks which will allow them to shine and present out of the box ideas, for it is only when you take risks, will you get the world to take notice. Read on:

SD: Share a little with us about your childhood and what it was like growing up in your household.
Shazray: Childhood was ages ago but if I think of it now, my childhood has given me some of my best memories. I was always the pampered child, (still am), I always got what I asked for. Carefree days when I could eat parathas everyday! My parents made sure that I got the best of the best, which I’m sure every parent wants for their children but yeah they made sure that I was on the top of my game in everything including studies, extra curricular activities and what not!
SD: When did you realize you wished to take on the world of digital media?

Shazray: To be very honest, I didn’t realize it, didn’t plan it. It just happened but if I were to really give a look into that phase of my life when I became active on digital media, it was when the world was struck by Covid-19. A lot of people got time to do stuff that they love to do and that’s exactly what happened with me. The pandemic gave me the time to just be myself.
SD: What remains the most satisfying factor about it?
Shazray: The most satisfying factor is that I get to be myself. I get to do what I want to do, I get to choose what suits me and I get to decide how I want to move forward with things. The best part is that at the core of all of this, it’s just me.
SD: The main challenges and setbacks you had to face?
Shazray: The major challenge that I faced was “unprofessionalism” and trust me, I hate it to the bits. You see so many delays, unreasonable deadlines and at times mere crudeness as well. Moreover, you see so many memes on how people think that influencers “only take pictures, what else do they do?”. This is stemming from a mindset where people don’t understand what it takes and that at times frustrates me and at times, it hurts me.

SD: How do you deal with the criticism that comes your way?
Shazray: There are two things that you can do when you are being criticized. Firstly take it in like a mature adult and learn from it because there is always room for improvement. And secondly, ignore it and do what you’re doing. I have my days, I’ll take it in on a day and ignore it on the other. It goes hand in hand but I’ll be honest, I haven’t faced much criticism so I really don’t know which one works best for me.
SD: As a rising fashion icon, how do you bring an edge to your work?
Shazray: You see, everyone is unique in their own way so if anyone wants to bring an edge in whatever they do, they need to be themselves. They need to be true and honest to what they do and that’s exactly how I bring an edge to my content. I do learn and grow by looking at the work of other content creators but I always add a flavor of my own which makes my work my work otherwise it’ll just be another video on the gram
SD: How do you feel Pakistan can raise the stakes when it comes to owning the Fashion scene and making an international stance?
Shazray: I feel that we have a lot of talented and educated designers at the forefront who can do wonders and take their brand to new heights internationally but I also feel that the designers are so bound by what the market wants that they are unable to be creative the way they want and do something completely out of the box. The risk and stakes are high. What if people don’t like their “out of the box” ideas so yes I do feel that there is a lot of potential but the creativity is chained. Once we get out of “only do what the market wants”, we can definitely reach the sky nationally and internationally. Currently, one designer that I really feel is true to his roots and heart is Mohsin Naveed Ranjha and I feel this is why he has achieved so much international fame as well.

SD: Would you consider venturing into films and dramas too?
Shazray: As of now, no. I’ve never pictured myself as an actor so this is something that is not on the table for now.
SD: Your words of guidance to those who wish to make a mark in the digital world too?
Shazray: Be yourself, make good content and let brands or people approach you themselves. Just be the boss!



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