Quench Your Thirst! Best Ramadan Drinks for You

Coconut Water
For people who feel dehydrated after not being able to drink after a long period of time, coconut water is an ideal choice. There are no artificial additives, completely organic and all natural. Coconut has an abundance of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals to replenish the body and beats dehydration. It’s also great because it won’t spike your sugar and insulin levels. Look into options where you can get a completely natural one.
Dates Milk
This is probably the best food known to be indulged in Ramadan especially when breaking your fasts. However, did you know that you can also enjoy dates and milk drinks which are equally deletable and energizing. Most people like to marinate the dates in milk the day before they are served as per tradition. Other people often like to eat plain dates while also drinking milk which is also an easy, convenient way to consume them. But we would recommend you marinate them, make them soft and blend them into milk for a delicious experience.

Strawberry Mocktail
Make the most of the season of strawberries by creating this unique drink. Especially for family iftars. Strawberry, ginger ale and lemonade mixed together, it’s refreshing and is a perfect thirst quencher. You won’t be able to have just one glass. Apart from its distinctive taste, it is a major source of drinking healthy and delicious food at the same time.
Watermelon Mocktail

It’s great how Ramadan comes at the same time as the season of watermelons. While eating this refreshing itself is just great, you can also make use of it for different juices. What you can do is mix and match different kinds of fruits. A really popular mocktail mix can be out of watermelon, pomegranate, and orange. The addition of freshly squeezed orange juice will make this mocktail refreshing. Give yourself the ultimate summer drink this Ramadan!
Almond & Saffron Milk
So this is probably the most underrated Ramadan drink yet. Not only is it extremely refreshing but it definitely has such a smooth and creamy texture to it as well. What you have here is milk flavored with almonds and saffron, which is simply healthy and tasty. You can even have it replaced with condensed milk and honey or sugar. Adding ground cardamom is optional, however, it will enhance the flavor of this drink.
Ginger Soda
This is definitely one of the best options to go for. Not only does it have a tantalizing taste but it also tastes great. Definitely highly refreshing summer drink. You can also add a little strawberry to it to make it a completely awakening experience. There is just no better way for you to cool off. Ginger definitely has some great benefits to aiding your digestion, especially after you’ve had a great iftar.
Chilled Pista-Saffron Drink
This absolutely tastes phenomenal and is perfect to enjoy during sehri. Indulging in some aromatic spice is Saffron, any dish with a hint of saffron in it becomes a major favorite. The saffron would release its yellow color and start to spread its aroma into the milk. The saffron milk when chilled tastes delicious and is great for a sound sleep. But once you’ve added pistachios into the milk along with saffron and boiled the milk till it got aromatic. Instead of sugar, condensed milk can be added which makes the milk more rich and creamy. The chilled pistachios and saffron milk taste out of the world, making it a creamy, aromatic and crunchy drink with the bite of pistachios.

Mashed Banana Delight
Who doesn’t love a banana milkshake? It can be your ultimate choice as a sehri choice which is energizing and will keep your fast smooth. But how about you try adding a twist to it?Mixing bananas with lime juice probably never crossed your mind. Not only does it taste good but it’s a different kind of juice. You’ll get to enjoy the taste of bananas and lime juice in this drink that you

can take on during sehri or iftar!


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