The Host with a Flair for Fashion in conversation with ASIMYAR TIWANA

Passion is what drives everything we do. It is the ultimate source of creating great things. Which is probably why this talented individual has attained a strong name and identify for himself in the world of fashion as well as entertainment. A name that resonates with every celebrity, Asimyar Tiwana with his sass and charm has shown how you yourself set the limitations on all that you wish to attain…

SD: How did you decide to create a stance in the fashion world? Was there something missing which you felt you wanted to tackle?
Asimyar: I was always intrigued by fashion, colors and music. I started as a fashion designer in the late 90s but got inspired by the details of event management and decided that it was my true calling. I saw the potential of my talent getting into event management and I’ve always found it extremely fascinating.
SD: In what ways would you describe the progression of the fashion stance of Pakistan through the years? Do you feel we are quite there to make a strong global impression?
Asimyar: Pakistan fashion scene has come a long way. There used to be random fashion shows but now they’re proper Fashion Weeks happening regularly for a potential market. Pakistan has emerged in the global fashion industry and people love our designers the world over. Pakistani craftsmanship and rich cultural embroideries have made a strong impact globally.
SD: What remains your absolute favorite project till date?
Asimyar: I have presented Pakistan in different countries. I’ve done many fashion shows including cultural events, Independence Day celebrations, but my favorite show has to be the one in Washington DC for PNCA back in 2006. It was such a memorable event with all my favorite supermodels and designers. It was a cultural show we did for our President’s official visit to the USA.
SD: Let’s now talk about the entertainment world- how did you decide to create your mark in the same?
Asimyar: After enjoying event management for over a decade I was exploring some other options to redefine my career. I had been doing a segment on a morning show on Pakistan television and later when I thought that I have gained enough experience to face the camera confidently I proposed the channel for my own individual weekend talk show so we started “The Celebrity Lounge” in 2015 from Lahore. Did two seasons till 2018 and then started my new talk show last year called “Star & Style” which is into its second season now Alhamdolilah. My viewers love my hosting skills because I am just myself. Not pretentious, nothing fake but just truly me.

SD: Through the years, you’ve seen how the drama industry has been evolving in good and somewhat negative ways. What is it that you feel sets the golden era of TV apart from what we see nowadays?
Asimyar: I personally feel the best era of Pakistani drama was in the 80s. At that time Pakistan television made such classic dramas such as Ankahi, Tanhaiyan and Dhoop kinare all penned by the late Haseena Moin. These plays were ahead of their times showing confident, intelligent and independent woman promoting women empowerment. In current times dramas are highlighting extra marital affairs, saas bahu feuds, as well as women being abused emotionally and physically. After ages I liked a serial called “Raqeeb se” which was intense and very well balanced.
SD: Who remains your absolute favorite idol from the world of entertainment and why?
Asimyar: Shahnaz sheikh. There is no one like her. As a person and as an artist I feel she is ina league of her own. Even today when she talks about her serials, I am left mesmerized by her story telling skills and her witty sense of humor. She has been my favorite since my teen years and will remain so.
SD: As a charismatic talk show host who has seen it all, what keeps the energy level high on your sets?
Asimyar: I would have to say that me & my co-host Shermeen try to keep the energy level high on set but the energy boosters are the live musicians on the set which makes the entire environment very musical and energetic. Some guests also have such dynamic energy level and I love those shows the most.
SD: Do you feel your guests are able to let their guard down and talk it all out?
Asimyar: In current times of social media everybody is extremely careful about what they’re saying in regards to their fellow artists or issues.

SD: You recently invited the mega duo of the drama industry whose epic title ‘Tanhaiyan’ still resonates with everyone, how did that come about since Shahnaz sheikh is hardly seen in front of the camera?
Asimyar: And it’s an honor for me that Shahnaz Sheikh came on my show. In 2015 she had come on my previous show after 15 years of screen absence and now again she has been kind enough to make this effort to come to Karachi and record my show after six years. Shahnaz Sheikh is a very private person, not camera friendly and she lives her life on her own terms and conditions. I am blessed to have her in my life as my mentor and idol. The reunion of the leading ladies of Tanhaiyan- Shahnaz Sheikh and Marina Khan was a dream come true. This was like a lifetime achievement award for me to have both of my favorite actresses on my show.
SD: How do the veteran actresses of yesteryear who have given us such impeccable work, look at the kind of stories and characters that come forth in today’s time?
Asimyar: If you’re talking about Marina and Shahnaz , Marina Khan has been working regularly for the screen as an actor and also as a director. Her recent work is a serial called Pardes which she is directing and we can see the elements of PTV in the serial.

SD: Is being a Talk show host as satisfying and fulfilling as a fashion enthusiast? What title resonates with you the most and why?
Asimyar: With changing times, one has to evolve and change the dynamics of their career according to the current times to keep yourself right there in the market. It’s not just hosting which is my passion. Putting up the entire show, from making different segments, inviting the guests, their look, styling and make-up, to the music, the laughter, and complete entertainment…everything is a package full of challenges. I am blessed to have a great platform like PTV and the production team that I have is very competent. My friends from the fashion fraternity have always come forward in helping me put up such a glamorous show.
SD: Is there someone out there you wish to interview the most and why?
Asimyar: My wish has already come true. I had wanted to interview Shahnaz Sheikh and Marina Khan together and all of you will see the show on Eid in the evening prime time telecast.
SD: 10 years down the line…what do you wish to attain?
Asimyar: Contentment and quality time with my family. For me, my family comes first and then my work which is my passion.
SD: Your parting words for those who are confined in their shells and don’t have the confidence to express and create?
Asimyar: Do what you feel like. Explore your passion, follow your dreams and live life as you wish to live.

In a Glance:

The Thing You are Grateful for in the Lockdown
Learned editing on my phone.
How many celebrities you have interviewed till date
Uncountable. many.
The one thing that is a mood killer
Three things you have with you all the time
Wallet, mobile and a bottle of water.
Your Favorite Actor
Shahnaz Sheikh
Morning Person or Late Nights Enthusiast
Late Nights Enthusiast
Desi Wear or Western
Kurta over jeans
Deepest Fear
Biggest Regret
Most Prized Possession
Love and prayers from my friends & family
Biggest Strength
Someone you wish meet
No one. I’m no more of a people person.
Your Top thing on your bucket list
Moving to my ancestral Haveli in my village and live there happily ever after. InshAllah.
The best thing about your work
Challenging and satisfying at the same time
The worst thing about your work
Managing unforeseen issues
If you weren’t in the entertainment industry, you would have been a…
Police officer
Favorite Fashion Designer
Umar Sayeed
What people don’t know about you
I won best host of year award in 2017 at the 9th Pakistan Achievement Awards
The craziest rumor you heard about yourself
That I am producing a serial with Shahnaz sheikh & Marina Khan in the lead
Your dream destination


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