“Waiting for My Most Challenging Role” In conversation with Vasia Fatima

By Asif Khan

Having a triumphant launch in the media and having bagged several endorsements deals within a short period of time, model and actor ‘Vasia Fatima’ proves she’s a force to be reckoned with. She made her major Debut as a voice over artist and later debuted as an actor with the serial Tamasha. Courtesy to her copious talent, endearing looks and powerhouse performances in various serials.

In her candid tete-e-tete with Social Diary, Vasia talks at length about trends in media and her upcoming web-series Naina, something that she is pretty excited about. Here’s more :

SD: What made you get into showbiz? Who brought you here and how did the first break come your way?
Vasia: I never thought I will come into this field. But I used to act on stage in school and college. I also used to school plays. I was also very much into characters getup and makeup according to my script requirements yet I never thought I’ll end up in this field. I started doing voice overs for different channels while I was still studying. This included giving my voice to popular translated Turkish content as well as to cartoons and Hollywood movies. An advertising agency signed me and I started doing commercials and voice overs for a few years and finally got my first project for television. I never actually tried for it but it all happened one after another( Alhumdulilah)
SD: You are doing a number of projects. Is there a way in which you are trying to refrain from being type cast?
Vasia: When I started working, I actually had no idea what are the key things to look into and I was just going on a signing spree. But now, I take my time- read the script, inquire about the project and my character, making sure that I don’t end up doing stereotypical roles.
SD: What are your pre-requisites when accepting a project?
Vasia: Sometimes you do projects because of a great role, amazing story and a wonderful team and sometimes you do a few just to fill your drained accounts. But my first priority is definitely the role that I am given to enact.
SD: Why do you think our writers are not stepping out of their comfort zone to try out different concepts?
Vasia: We live in a society where talking about certain issues is not appreciated. Our channels have to work under limitations as well, therefore they end up with topics like saas-bahu fights, family politics etc. as these hackneyed topics earn massive ratings and sponsorships and it’s easier to get those approved from PEMRA. It’s definitely not a fault at writer’s end. I am happy that now with OTT platforms we get to see different flavors with new stories and versatile actors. We have abundant talent in all the field, we just need to use them in the right direction without putting them under limitations.

SD: Why do our channels remain so obsessed with the ratings?
Vasia: I never understand this rating game. It’s not the right scale to measure if a project is a hit or miss. I am sure we have so many great projects in the past that didn’t get that hype on social media but nevertheless they were still great. No one cares about their rating, no one asks about it. I think it’s high time that we focus on the content and let the audience decide its fate.
SD: What has been the most challenging role of your career so far?
Vasia: I am still waiting for that role. I always put my heart and soul in every project that comes my way, doesn’t matter if it’s a small one, but of course as an actor I intend to do such characters which happen to be different as chalk is from cheese.
SD: How much support and help came your way from the team when performing intricate roles?
Vasia: I feel blessed that I have worked with the thorough professionals. Recently I have worked with Shamoon Abbasi and Sherry (Shaam Films) for my upcoming project Naina and it turned out to be a beautiful experience working with them and the support that I got from the whole team was very uplifting. He is a great director who listens and discusses in detail before taking a shot. I loved working with them.
SD: How do you maintain a balance in your onscreen- offscreen life?
Vasia: I think I am keeping a pretty good balance between my onscreen and off-screen life. You can only do that after you spend few years in the field. I give my family and friends the required time while not ignoring my work at all.
SD: How do you conceive a role to make it look real?
Vasia: When I read the script, I try to put myself in that situation and see how would I have reacted. I always see myself going through that to get that feel and that really works for me.
SD: Doesn’t being a celebrity add to your credibility in real life?
Vasia: It has nothing to do with your real-life credibility. People will only judge you or treat you as you treat them.
SD: Your dream role would be?
Vasia: Well, I would want to do a character of a psycho killer who happens to be beautiful, smart and confident at the same time. My aim is to do such challenging roles which our industry and society deems a female actor not worthy of doing.
SD: What lessons have you learnt from the years you spent in the glam world?
Vasia: I have learnt to forget and forgive and now I’m equally good at maintaining work-life balance. The key lesson that I have derived from my struggle is not to give up and keep working painstakingly to attain my goals.
SD: If you had to choose one-your showbiz or offscreen life, which one would it be?
Vasia: I don’t think I’ll ever will have to go through this in my real life but if you really want me to pick one then I’ll pick showbiz.
SD: What are the new projects that you are looking forward to?
Vasia: I am actually anxiously waiting for my serial Naina and I am sure audience will love it.


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