“Here to Stay & Make a Mark” In conversation with HIRA UMER

Focused on attaining her goals, undeterred by the setbacks and aiming to make her mark in meaningful and creative projects, Hira Umer is one of those brilliant new faces in our industry who is destined for great things ahead! Social Diary had the pleasure of speaking and getting to know this dynamic artist who is one of those many passionate individuals who is committed to playing her part in giving Pakistan’s entertainment industry a major nudge into the global limelight!

SD: When did you decide you wanted to become an actor?
Hira: Being in showbiz was my childhood dream. I was six years old when I first told my parents that I wanted to be on screen.
SD: What was the family response to the same? Did you face any setbacks when making the move?
Hira: Yes, my parents didn’t allow me to get into showbiz throughout my student life despite my constant insistence but they didn’t mind once I finished my university.
SD: As a newcomer, did you face any rough episodes while trying to make your mark?
Hira: Yes, in the very beginning of my acting career, few people ridiculed my talent and skills without even taking my audition but I didn’t let those incidents lower my morale.

SD: What has been the most interesting revelation about the film industry?
Hira: Most interesting revelation is that some very successful actors in our industry are self taught and have not been to acting schools.
SD: A major factor about the entertainment industry that you feel needs to change?
Hira: Our entertainment industry needs to produce more quality content that meets the international standards. Our filmmakers need to start providing content compatible with streaming giants like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.
SD: Share a little something about your debut project ‘Udham Patakh’, how did it come about?
Hira: I got selected in Udham Patakh from an open casting call. I found the script quite unique and interesting so I decided to sign this project.
SD: Did you feel it was a risky move to choose a horror-comedy genre?
Hira: No, I have always loved the horror comedy genre and the fact that my first ever film is one of the first ever Pakistani horror comedy films is really exciting. No such film has been previously released, so Udham Paktakh will be a breath of fresh air in Pakistani cinema.
SD: What other kinds of projects and in what genre do you wish to have your skills showcased?
Hira: As an actor I would like to do all types of characters to showcase my versatility. I would like to do thriller movies and negative roles too.
SD: Aside from acting, do you wish to pursue other work titles like direction, production etc?
Hira: No, I am not thinking about direction and production at this moment. But I might change my mind in the future.
SD: What other projects are you working on and anything else we can expect to see you in this year?
Hira: I am currently doing a drama serial and a couple of short films that will be released on OTT platforms.
SD: How do you feel the pandemic has impacted your life- personally and professionally?
Hira: Working during the pandemic has been difficult because of the strict precautionary measures I have to take to protect myself and others around me. The good outcome is that it has taught me the importance of spending time with family and indulging in self-discovery.

In a Glance:

The Thing You are Grateful for in the Lockdown?
Opportunities to be at work
A director you want to work with?
Nadeem Baig
An actor you wish to work with?
Mahira Khan
The one thing that is a mood killer?
Three things you have with you all the time?
Cell phone, wrist watch and wallet
Your favorite movie?
Morning Person or Late Night Enthusiast
Late night enthusiast
Desi Wear or Western
A bit of both
Deepest Fear
Losing loved ones
Biggest Regret
Making unworthy people my priority
Most Prized Possession
Things my mom kept of me when I was a baby.
Biggest Strength
Someone you wish to meet
Christopher Nolan as I am a big fan of his movies.
Top 3 things on your bucket list:
Travel the world
Achieve an ideal body shape
Learn to sing
The best thing about your work?
Every day is different. We immerse ourselves in a new world in every project.
The worst thing about your work?
Meetings and sets are spread all over the city, so the commute.
A movie you wish you had been a part of :
Interstellar, my favorite movie
What people don’t know about you?
I am a gold medalist from my university
The craziest rumor you heard about yourself:
That I lived in a haunted house. I don’t know how this rumor came about but I found it very funny.
Your dream destination
Caribbean islands


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